Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today's C.S. Lewis quote is (drum roll, please):
God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.
I have been intentionally avoiding this quote from Lewis.  I realize it is for a couple of different reasons. First, this may be the most famous quote from Lewis, and for good reason. It succinctly summarizes a complex theological issue -- Christian suffering.  Second, there has so much been written about this quote...Nevertheless, here are my thoughts.

First, how true this has been in my own life.  The last few years have been brutal.  I should have written that Brutal, with a capital "B".  Divorce, losing my job twice, starting a business, being cheated out of half a million dollars, having to close my business...I could keep going, but I won't.  At the same time, looking back, I understand that that is what it took for God to get my attention, and now I am in a better place than I have been in a long time, maybe ever.

Second, looking back, I also understand that prior to my suffering, God was trying to get my attention.  There were signs, and warnings.  They were not the flashing red lights of a divorce, or the megaphone of being robbed of your money.  But the warnings were there.  Mostly those warnings came in the form of my conscience.  Those whisperings also came from things my true friends would say.

There are several key points to make. First, if you are in the midst of a difficult time right now, rest assured that your suffering is not pointless.  You can trust that God has a great purpose for your pain. Second, our God is patient and "long-suffering", but He will not wait forever.  If you are traveling down the wrong path, God will give you warnings.  But because He is a jealous God, He will not allow you to leave anyone in the place He should rightfully have, even if that person is you.  Finally, if you are doing well right now, listen for His voice.  He may just be whispering to you...through His word, through the radio, through a friend, or through the sunset.  I can guarantee what He is saying too, "I love you...more than you can know."

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful..." Hebrews 10:23


  1. HI, I love this article, the way you write it and the content which is your personal life. Your words has emotions. I can sense it just by reading it.
    I am also going to write an article about this c.s.lewis quote when I saw your site. The real intention is to copy the quote since other sources cut the middle part of it and so I'm confused what the whole quote is. Well, I ended up reading the whole article and happy I did. I could relate coz last year, God shouts to get my attention and happy I obey and I'm better now. Praise God He wont really forsake us (another happy soul here, just like you LOL )

  2. You are so right in so many different ways. If it is any comfort, I am going through some rough times as well. However, they pale in comparison to yours. Your words give me comfort. I will pray for you also. God Bless,


  3. So, basically what you're saying is, God will throw you under the bus, but it is for your own good, so buck up, put on a happy face, and bask in the knowledge that someday, you might actually figure out what God was saying? It has been almost two years since my firstborn son died after a long battle with cancer. I'm still wondering what God was trying to tell me before and after that horrible time, because at this point, about all I have learned is that there are others who are struggling with grief, and that nothing you have is safe. Your job, your children, your wife, your health, your future - God will take these whenever He wants, and He owes you no explanation, other than, "It is for your own good!". It has not really been that good since my son died, I am disillusioned and dry inside, and God is just as far away as He was beforehand.

    1. I see that you still wrote His name with a Capital H. That s good. You have not lost your faith You are jsut mystified.
      God is omnipotent. He could have healed your child if He chose. He didnt. He is showing His power. You see, He owns the universe and according to Him He reserves the right (Ex 33:19). We are just like clay in His hands. He can mold us the way He wants. Your case could have been worse. If the Creator watch us suffer, we won't be the first to suffer like that. Of all the Apostles, only John died naturally and he died marooned on a remote island. Many were maytred Jesus was cricified.Yet He could have called than down legions of Angels to come to His aid but He didn't. Why the righteous suffer is a mystery which we cannot comprehend. Maybe when He comes back He will explain or show us the scenes "behind the screen" justifying God's action. In the meantime, let's not sin in our grief.
      Habakkuk had similar concerns. He wondered why the wicked thrived and godly people suffered. God told him to be patient.
      Also Job in Chapter 13:15 reaffirmed his cimmitment to God. Pray that God show the lesson. No human being can do that!

    2. I think that the person above is telling you some of the logical "right" answers. I also think that really does nothing to help. God didn't take your son for your own good. God does own you an explanation and I think he will give you one, but I have learned that sometimes we don't really want to hear the truth. What if God didn't cause this to happen to you? I don't think he causes the bad. I don't think he is in anything painful or evil. I think that is the evil in this broken world. That doesn't make it better though. I always thought, "so you didn't cause it, but you didn't stop it." Why? Why do bad things happen to good people, to innocent people? Evil in this world? Adam and Eve with the apple? Free will? I don't know. All I know is that the horrible fact that we have no control, that the people we love leave or are taken from us, is not right. None of it is right. I think God feels this way too. The point isn't to take the pain away. Maybe that will never happen, but to know and believe that God loves. If you choose to believe that he loves us when nothing makes sense. If he loves those we love more than we could comprehend then wouldn't he take care of them. I am never going to know why certain things happen. I don't know why people are born into poverty with nothing to save them, but I do know that God is Love and somehow he comes and saves us. I am sorry. I think no one can understand what you are going through and it is ok to be mad. It is ok to feel whatever you feel, but tell God. Tell him because he is there. I don't know if that is comforting, but maybe someday it will be. If God shouts in our pain, shout back.

    3. "If God shouts in our pain, shout back." These might be the best words I've read in a very long time...Thanks.

    4. God makes us suffer so we can learn how to understand others pain. Relate and know their's not always about us! Anger and grief...are also not from God. If you have anger, despair and grief...then you are holding onto the world ..too tightly. Let go...and God will do the rest. And if you anyone feels I do know understand their pain....I am 40...and 1 year...I had everything ripped out from under me...home, job, family...and Iam deathly ill....Full blow celiac with allergies to over 86% all food and water with clorine and even Floride. DDD, black mold in my sinus.. and Stage 3 lyme. No money for meds, tests and very very little to eat....the Pain....You have no idea! !! So....Even thru all that...I must let go of anger...from multiple rapes...deaths of friends, sister and father within 6mo. All untimely. I know pain and struggle and God message is hard to swallow. ..but his word IS Truth! Trust in God and LET GO

  4. Very Nice post. Awesome blog. I will pray for you also. God Bless,

    -Pulkit Chitkara

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss anonymous. Losing a child is beyond painful and will not be understood this side of glory. i only hope that your pain drives you toward not away from our still good God....hang in there.

  6. You speaks volume. Glad i found this article. Just what I need to hear today.

    God Bless you Tim

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